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Start Strong Preschool Announcement




Dear Parents/Guardians

As President of Dubbo and District Preschool (DDPS) I would like to inform you of upcoming operational changes to the Preschool that will allow us to further our Vision of building a stronger community through quality education.

The Start Strong Initiative

In September 2016 a new initiative was introduced by the NSW Government in relation to Preschools. The aim of the initiative is to achieve 600 hours of Preschool education for 95% of children in NSW in the year prior to School. The Government’s philosophy is that children attending Preschool for more than 600 hours arrive at school better equipped with the cognitive, social and emotional skills they need to engage in learning. To allow Preschools to assist in reaching this target increased funding has been directed at children who meet the criteria.

Longer Operational Hours

After consultation with the NSW Department of Education, Industry Peak bodies, Families and staff a decision has been made by the Management Committee of the DDPS that the operational hours be extended to achieve the 600 hour Criteria and maximise the funding enabling us to pass on reduced fees to the families attending.  Effective January 2017 whilst additional funding continues the operational hours will be:

Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 3.50 pm.

Drop off from 8.30 am , Pick up prior to 3.50 pm

Lower Fees

The Management Committee are currently reviewing what level of fee reduction will be applicable and will advise all parents / guardians by 9 December 2016. The Preschools aim is to meet the Government’s initiative of reducing fees by up to 30% in 2017. Fees for low-income or Aboriginal families will also be greatly reduced whilst additional funding continues.

Other Information and Contacts

Contact Us

  • Ph (02) 6882 2691
  • Email:

Jenny Colwell (Director) and James McKechnie (Business Operations Manager) are available to discuss this initiative with you.

Department of Education Information and FAQ’s

  • DET Start Strong Information LInk

We hope these changes allow you greater flexibility and opportunity whilst your child attends the Preschool. Further information in respect of these initiatives will be communicated prior to term 1 2017.

Yours Faithfully

Jane Diffey (President)

Dubbo and District Preschool


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