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Munch & Move

Highly processed snack foods which are high in fat, salt and sugar and low in nutrients are not a good choice for children's lunchboxes. Sadly many of these foods are found in the so called "Health Food" isle at the supermarket. Some parents think they are making a good healthy choice for their child and children's food advertising alos is very misleading for parents.

Foods no suitable for preschool due to their high fat and/or salt content are: Savoury snack biscuits such as "Shapes", Mamee Noodles, Potato Stix and Rice Wheels and soy snacks.

Also foods high in sugar such as fruit sticks, fruit bars, muesli bars, fruit flakes, naughts and crosses, fruit poles, breakfast bars, fruit filled bars, yogurt covered dried fruit, and dairy desserts such as Milo yogurt and Yogo are not suitable for preschool. Please avoid the highly processed , packaged snacks and send fruit, yogurt, cheese and crackers, a small homemade fruit muffin or pikelets or some cut up vegetables instead.

Some children have too many food choices or too much food in their lunchbox and then they become concerned when they can't eat everything. As a guide one or two sandwiches, a piece of fruit, a yogurt and maybe a snack such as cheese and biscuits, savoury biscuits with butter/ vegemite is plenty for this age. Below is a table and information taken from the website "Choice Foods for Kids" which is a handy guide when looking at snack food choices. it is based on the traffic light colours of green, orange and red food choices based on their fat, salt and sugar content.

Look at the per 100g column on the pack and compare the fat, sugar and salt to the Choice Foods for Kids nutrition criteria. This is a guide only. Some dried fruits for example, may have a high sugar content due to the fructose in the fruit. If you are unsure about a particular snack– please ask a staff member.

Choice Foods for Kids (www.choicefoodsforkids.com.au)