Dubbo District Preschool - Life Long Learning

Our Philosophy

Dubbo and District Preschool has been providing quality Early Childhood Education for over 50 years and we are proud of our rich history, tradition and connections with our families and the community. We value the wonder and excitement of children and recognise these early years as an opportunity for children to play, learn, create, imagine and enjoy.

At Dubbo and District Preschool                                                   

  • Play underpins our program, Play is the means through which children happily learn and engage with the world around them.
  • We are inclusive and welcome the uniqueness of every child  Each child is an individual; a competent, capable and active learner with many strengths and emerging skills. It is from this basis we support each child to realise their potential.
  • Children belong, We strive to create a sense of belonging because it allows children to develop self-confidence, feel valued and connected to others and develop relationships.
  • Wellbeing is paramount. To support increasing wellbeing, we support children’s attachment and emotional development by implementing varied strategies based on current research and theory.
  • Environments are inviting and stimulating and reflective. Learning spaces are filled with engaging open ended materials, resources and equipment as well as quiet reflective spaces. The social environment is scaffolded to support peers to learn and play together and provide opportunities for them to be fair, equitable and inclusive.
  • We value collaboration - with families and children and between staff members. All working together to shape children’s understanding of themselves as being significant and working for growth and improvement of our service
  • We acknowledge and respect all families. We respect families; their values, interests, knowledge and culture and recognise each child’s family as their first teacher.
  • We are an inclusive community We respect and are continuing to build connections with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in our centre and the wider community and value their knowledge and rich traditions. We also respect the diversity of all cultures within our community and value their contribution to our service.
  • Sustainable practices are our future We are committed to continuous improvement in our engagement in and promotion of sustainable practices,
  • We are all learners. We appreciate belonging to a community of learners who work in a supportive, creative and reflective environment (Children, families and staff) and value working with other services and professionals.