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Starting Preschool

Starting Preschool is a big step for young children and some may become upset. Past experience has shown that it is easier to settle your child in by bringing them into their classroom, put bags away, drink bottles into crates, wash hands, sign in and then take them to an educator.

Watch them settle into an activity and then say goodbye and leave - ignore protests and please do not go back.

A staff photo will be available for your child to help reinforce their names and a sense of belonging within the Preschool.

Parents are encouraged to ring and check that their children have settled if they are at all concerned at any time during the day.

It is very important for parents to have a positive attitude towards leaving their children, and encourage and praise their children for calmly separating from them. Sometimes it is better to return early and pick them up and watch them do an activity then, rather than prolonging the goodbye in the morning.

Arrivals & Collections

As staff need to set up and pack away, we ask that parents observe session times carefully. Late collection fees do apply. Please refer to the Fees page for details

We offer a flexible times for children’s drop off and pick ups.

Arrival Time Collection Time
8:30am - 930am 3:00pm - 3:50pm

Children must be taken to and from their classroom by an adult and the attendance electronically signed in with the arrival/collection time. We encourage the child to help pack and unpack, put away bags and wash hands on both arrival and collection. In terms 1 & 4 the children play outside first, so please apply sunscreen and hat and bring your child outside to their teacher. Parents must notify the child's teacher/ office if someone other than those nominated on the enrolment form will be collecting their child.

Please read through our Family handbook for further Information

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