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Dubbo District Preschool
Dubbo District Preschool

What We Offer

A qualified and experienced staff team with diverse knowledge and skill set.

Well above Licencing requirements Educators Ratios in each room to support all children.

Child Focussed and Inclusive program.

Group experiences are provided twice daily including literacy and language learning, Music and movement, science.

“Move It” Program, designed by and under the guidance of an Occupational Therapist. This Movement based sensory motor program supports children’s development, coordination and learning.

“Plant to plate” experience is provided where children are heavily involved in all aspects of gardening, cooking and tasting processes.

A supportive and inclusive work environment for all staff.

Dubbo District Preschool

Waiting List

Preschool waitlist for enrolments may be made at any time during the year for eligible children, Your Child Must Be turning 3 before 31st of January they year they wish to attend.

If you wish to join our Waitlist all Application are digital, please use the link Dubbo.

Your Child’s details are placed on a waiting list once you have completed this application.

Families will receive emails periodically to ensure you still want to remain in the waitlist, please ensure your contact details remain current so we can contact you and you reply to these emails to ensure you application remains active on the list.

Majority of the Preschool positions will be filled from the beginning of the year, however there is occasions where position may come up throughout the year. When positions are offer you will receive a phone call from the enrolment officer, followed by enrolment forms and required paperwork emailed through for completion and return.

New Enrolments will contacted in Term 3 with offered for Preschool positions for the following year, All attempts are made to accommodate your needs; however the preschool cannot always offer your first choice of days.

Dubbo District Preschool - Room 5 Cooking


At Dubbo and District Preschool we offer;

  • 4-5 year old classes
  • 3-4 year old classes (the child must turn 3 before 31st of January, the Preschool Year)

Children already enrolled will be invited to complete the Re-Enrolment process in Term 2 for their enrolment for the following year. Children currently enrolled will received placements before the waitlist will be contacted.

All attempts are made to accommodate your needs; however the preschool cannot always offer your first choice of day or days due to the large numbers of children enrolling and limitations on how many children we can accommodate.

Dubbo District Preschool - Room 1 2019


As a preschool we operate during Term and close during NSW school holidays.

Fees are: $33.00 per day

If your sessions coincide with a pupil free day you will not be charged for these days.

If your sessions coincide with NSW School Holidays you will not be charged for these days.

If your child is absent due to illness or holidays during the term fees must be paid.

For more information regarding our fees please feel free to read our fee policy.

Starting Preschool

Staring preschool can be a big step in the life of your child even if they have been in care before. We want to support you and your child through this process. We offer orientation visits, an open week, photos and our “I’m going to Preschool” booklet for your child. We welcome you to organise visits as often as you need to support a smooth transition for starting Preschool. If your child has additional need we would love a meeting with you to thoroughly prepare your child and their Educators to ensure their needs are met.

Dubbo District Preschool - Room 4

Arrivals & Collections

As staff need to set up and pack away, we ask that parents observe session times carefully. Early drop off & Late collection fees do apply.

We offer a flexible times for children’s drop off and pick ups, Between the hours of 8.30am and 3.50pm.

Children must be taken to and from their classroom by an adult and the attendance electronically signed in with the arrival/collection time.

We encourage the child to help pack and unpack, put away bags and wash hands on both arrival and collection.

In terms 1 & 4 the children play outside first, so please apply sunscreen and a hat and bring your child outside to their teacher.

Parents must notify in writing if someone other than those nominated on the enrolment form will be collecting their child, alternatively you can add new collection authorisation on the KinderM8 families app.

Please read through our Family handbook for further Information

Dubbo District Preschool - Room 5 Playground Tent

NQS Rating

The Dubbo & district Preschool has completed the National Regulations accreditation process and have received a rating of “Exceeding” overall for our service.

  • Quality Area 1 Educational program and practice: Exceeding NQS
  • Quality Area 2 Children's health and safety: Meeting NQS
  • Quality Area 3 Physical environment: Exceeding NQS
  • Quality Area 4 Staffing arrangement: Exceeding NQS
  • Quality Area 5 Relationships with children: Meeting NQS
  • Quality Area 6 Collaborative partnerships with families and communities: Exceeding NQS
  • Quality Area 7 Governance and leadership: Meeting NQS
  • Overall rating: Exceeding NQS

Provider and Service Approval

Dubbo District Preschool - Exceeding National Quality Standards

Acknowledgement of Country